Little boy gets emotional after holding his newborn baby sister for the first time

Some older siblings and brothers can be jealous when a baby is added to the family.

And while those childish reactions can be pretty adorable, this video posted by mom Ali Retelle of her son and his newborn daughter’s first meeting is something else.

In this touching clip, you can see the little boy holding his baby sister. He couldn’t stop gazing at her tiny face as she made slight movements with her arms, and when he finally lifted his head, his parents realized that his tears had been flowing.

A little boy holding his newborn baby sister

The boy—seemingly overwhelmed by all the emotions of happiness, love, and wonder that he was feeling—couldn’t help but weep as he savored his sister’s existence.

The toddler wiped away his tears with the sweater of his sweater. He then stared at his sister, who suddenly let loose a little hiccup.

His mom said, “You can talk to her.”

A little boy wiping away his tears while he held his newborn baby sister

“She can’t talk back, but she knows what you’re saying,” his dad added.

“You can say whatever you want to her,” said mom.

But the boy didn’t seem to have the words to express what he was feeling. So he smiled at her sister and hugged them tight.

No one could tell exactly what the toddler was thinking about at the time, but it’s clear from their first meeting that he has fallen in love with his sibling. From the looks of it, he’s going to be an excellent big brother!

A little boy hugging his newborn baby sister

The video below shows the heart-tugging moment between the brother and sister.

A four-year-old girl named Henley shared a sibling moment with her newborn sister, Peyton.

Henley, then a year old, can be seen in a video cuddling up with her baby sister in a bassinet. Henley refused the offer to let her grandmother take her newborn sister to the hospital. When her grandma asked her if she could take the child, she would protest and shake her head.

“Henley, you want me to take the baby? I’ll take her,” Henley’s grandmother asked, to which Henley responded with a shake of her head. She was also barely blinking, as if she was afraid Peyton would disappear when she closed her eyes.

Henley and her baby sister Peyton in a bassinet

After several more attempts, everyone realized that Henley was not going to let her sister go. They asked her if she would mind riding along with Peyton in the bassinet.

“You gonna take care of your sister? “Henley’s grandma asked Henley, to which she finally replied with a nod.

The video was shared by a relative on Facebook. It has been viewed 9.4 millions times. That’s not surprising, seeing how adorable the footage is!

Older siblings can really get protective, and it’s heartwarming to see that these two are starting to demonstrate it early.

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