Linkin Park Makes Major Announcement After Lead Singer Hangs Himself

July 21, 2017Jul 21, 2017

Linkin Park, the famous rock band, has just made a major announcement after news broke that their famous lead singer was found dead on Thursday. Chester Bennington committed suicide by hanging himself in his home.

Fans of the group were extremely saddened to hear of his passing. The band was also in shock over the news, according to reports. However, just a day after losing their frontman, the band has made a major announcement.

“The band's rep told us immediately following the news, the group was so devastated they couldn't think about the tour's future, which was set to kick off next week,” according to TMZ.

Linking Park has officially canceled their North American tour. It was set to begin next week. No word has yet been released on any possibility of rescheduling the tour.

Reports state that Chester Bennington suffered from drugs and alcohol use for many years. He had also previously disclosed he considered committing suicide because “he had been abused as a child by an older male.”

In the hours since his death, new details are starting to emerge about the circumstance around the tragedy. According to the coroner's office, Bennington was found hanging at his residence by an employee in the upstairs area of the home. Before he was discovered at 9 a.m., he was home alone, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Please join us in praying for the family and friends of Chester. May God be with them during this extreme tragedy. Please also join us in praying for anyone who suffers from addiction or depression. To learn more about Bennington's death, please read our other story here.