Is There Really a Link Between the Easter Bunny and Christ's Resurrection?

April 10, 2017Apr 10, 2017

Is there really a link between the Easter bunny and Christ's resurrection? And what about Easter eggs and candy? Are they pagan or religious?


Those aren't easy questions to answer since consensus seems to be lacking, but here are some general ideas about the origin of Easter traditions:

According to ExploreGod, rabbits have been seen as symbols of death and rebirth since three thousand years ago. Rabbits later became symbols used on gravestones, which early Christians then appropriated for their own graves. The History Channel focuses on a more recent connection with German folklore of an colored-egg-laying hare.

According to the History Channel, eggs were often pagan symbols of new life and spring. Christians later appropriated the symbols as representing the stone being rolled away from Christ's tomb, especially in the context of egg rolling races.

According to the History Channel, as the German folklore egg-laying hare was transported to the U.S. became Americanized, she began laying candy as well as colored eggs. While traditionally children built nests for the hare to lay her eggs in, those nests later got handles and became Easter baskets.