Sen. Lindsey Graham Throws Down at Kavanaugh Hearing, Warns the Democratic Party

September 27, 2018Sep 27, 2018

Today’s hottest trending topic is certainly the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. After news broke about Trump’s Republican nomination, multiple women publicly accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

On Thursday, September 27th, Kavanaugh’s first accuser — Christine Blasey Ford — shared her testimony at an official hearing in Washington, D.C. Kavanaugh is also expected to speak at the hearing.

Ford’s testimony reiterated her previous story of Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulting her at a high school party three dozen years ago. Her testimony was filled with emotion, but several Republicans — including Matt Walsh — pointed out that there were several “holes” in her story.

Following Ford’s testimony, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also spoke out with his thoughts regarding the hearing thus far. Graham, who has supported Kavanaugh from the beginning with an “innocent until proven guilty” mentality, harshly questioned the Democratic Party’s motives and, additionally, warned that their politically-motivated tactics could eventually turn around on them.   

“What happened to her? I don’t know. Why don’t you believe [Kavanaugh]? What is it about him you don’t want to believe? I know why [Democrats] don’t want to believe him; they were going to vote no matter what,” Graham stated. “They’ve tried to destroy this guy’s life one accusation after another — that he’s a serial rapist...I don’t believe that one bit.”

“To my Republican colleagues, if you can ignore everything in this record, looking at an allegation that’s 35 years old, that’s uncertain on time, place, date and no corroboration and that’s enough for you, God help us all as Republicans,” the Senator added. “Because this happens to us, it never happens to them. But let me tell you my Democratic friends, if this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees.”

Watch Graham’s full remarks in the video below:

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