Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Unrecognizable After Going Overboard On Plastic Surgeries, Anonymous Source Warns

It is Lindsay LohanAre you planning to spend a lot on cosmetic procedures before your wedding day? One tabloid reports that Lohan has big ideas for her wedding. Here’s what we know about Lohan’s upcoming “surgical overhaul”.

‘Bullheaded Bridezilla’ Lindsay Lohan Schedules More ‘Nips And Tucks’?

The most recent edition National Enquirer Lindsay Lohan, according to reports, wants to look her best for the big day. Lohan has been known to undergo surgery on occasion, but her wedding to Bader Shammas will be a big deal. “Lindsay is very insecure and just can’t stop herself,” an insider dishes to the tabloid. “She plans to get more procedures on both her face and body!”

Although the magazine acknowledges that Lohan’s representative denied the rumors to them, the tipter continues. “She swears she’s got the best doctors and the results will look natural. She has talked about getting a butt lift and tummy treatment to get the best fit in her wedding dress!” the snitch reveals. “She’s also a Botox fan and plans to get filler for the lines around her lips. She’s convinced that despite the bad reviews of her past procedures, she will look perfect for her wedding!”

Lindsay Lohan Planning ‘Surgical Overhaul’ For Her Wedding Day?

This story seems unlikely. First of all, it’s hard to take the word of a magazine that relentlessly mocks the person it is reporting on. Furthermore, the outlet even admitted that Lohan’s representatives have dismissed the story. If the magazine is taking the word of some anonymous “insider” over the word of Lohan’s official representatives, that’s a major red flag.

But say this story is true — even though all signs point to it being false — Lohan is allowed to do whatever she wants. If she wants to get more work done, it’s her money and her body. It isn’t any of this tabloid’s business what work Lohan is or isn’t planning to get done.

The Tabloid also has other stories about plastic surgery

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer The magazine mocked celebrities for having cosmetic work done. In 2021, the magazine reported that Cher was planning to do a lot more plastic surgery to celebrate her birthday. Then the publication alleged Chrissy Teigen was getting a “disturbingly swollen face” from cosmetic fillers. And more recently, the tabloid claimed Leah Remini was unrecognizable after getting a “ton of cosmetic enhancements.” Obviously, the Enquire Anyone who has had plastic surgery in their past has it covered.

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