Horrifying Details Emerge in Wedding Limo Crash that Killed 20 People, Tragedy was Preventable

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

Over the weekend, a great tragedy occurred near Upstate New York. A limousine carrying a wedding party was involved in a crash that left at least 20 people dead.

All 20 victims have been confirmed to be adults. 18 of the victims, including the driver, were riding in the limo while the other 2 victims were reported to be pedestrians.

Initially, little information was released to the public; however, horrifying details emerged early Monday morning following an investigation. The tragedy was completely preventable.

According to NBC News, the limo failed an inspection last month and should not have been allowed on the road. Additionally, the driver — whose identity remains unknown — did not have the proper driving license.

The exact cause of the crash has still not been confirmed. It is unclear if the vehicle malfunctioned or if the driver was at fault.

Watch the CNN video clip below for more information on this developing news story:

Please continue to pray for all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. In other breaking news, Justice Kavanaugh made history the day after being sworn in. Liberals are fuming after being proven wrong.