Lil Baby & Jayda Cheaves Allegedly Took A Private Flight Together Over The Holidays

Jayda Cheaves & Lil Baby

Lil Baby & Jayda Cheaves Allegedly Took A Private Flight Together Over The Holidays

Love could be back in the air Lil Baby Jayda Cheaves.

Atlanta rapper Lil BabyThe internet personality Jayda CheavesAfter a series Instagram stories suggesting that the two were on a vacation together, people started to talk about it. JaydaTwo photos of her flying in an aircraft were posted.

Rapper was soon after. Meek MillA similar photo was shared with Lil Baby.

The striking similarities in the photos are not coincidental. The posts showed almost identical interior and exterior photos of the machines.

Lil Baby JaydaAccording to reports, they split earlier in the year. Since then, fans have been dying to know whether they’ll ever see them again. However Jayda prefers to keep a tight lip about their relationship, she explained the reason for their breakup during an Instagram live Q&A session:

“Because, you know, people just — time. Time is the best teacher. Some people just outgrow each other,”

She continued:

“It’s life but I told you don’t come here and ask about that and you came straight on here and asked about it.”

According to a media outlet Jayda claimed that social media caused “a lot of damage” in their relationship and, if they can overcome that damage, there’s a possibility that they can “rekindle and rebuild another relationship.”

Jayda, Lil Baby

Just a few weeks before their alleged holiday, rumors about a union between female rapper Saweetie and Lil Baby emerged after the “Drip Too Hard” rhymer allegedly spent $100k on the rapper. Lil Baby denied the allegations.



While Jayda Lil Baby’sAlthough their romance ended at the start of the year it appears that they have been able to part ways. Lil BabyAccording to some, gifted JaydaA Rolls-Royce Dawn. She posted a picture in front of her luxury Christmas present, but she didn’t mention who it was from.

The couple has a son, named LoyaltyWhom? Jayda2019: The birth of.

Jayda & her son, Loyal

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