Lies You Shouldn't Believe About Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017Sep 13, 2017

While it is true that Hurricane Irma has brought extreme destruction around the Caribbean and the southern part of US mainland, some rumors that are enticing fear in people are not true. In fact, there are so many rumors going around, that FEMA added an entire section to their website to debunk them.

One particularly ridiculous rumor that has been circulating the internet is that Hurricane Irma was turning into "sharknado." The image that caused the rumor was a fake CNN "report" about an aircraft that had seen sharks lifted by Irma.

The person who posted the photo later said that it was "obviously a joke." However, the image still reached a wide audience. That rumor, along with several other more serious ones, has caused FEMA to create a "rumor control."

The FEMA site said, "There is a lot of misinformation circulating online. Because rumors spread fast, please share this page and help us provide accurate information."

FEMA said that they will add to the list as popular internet rumors arise. For now, here is the list of rumors that the site has addressed so far. For further description of each rumor, visit the FEMA website

1. "There are rumors undocumented immigrants cannot go to a shelter because they will be reported to ICE or CBP. This is false."

2. "There are reports all emergency shelters and hotels are required to accommodate pets for people who have evacuated. This is FALSE."

3. "There are reports there is a high demand for fuel in Florida. That rumor is TRUE."

4. "There may be reports that disaster survivors should not remove flood-damaged sheetrock, flooring, carpet, etc. until the house is assessed by FEMA or insurance adjusters. This is FALSE."

5. "There may be reports from businesses that a FEMA list exists that permits travel into the disaster areas. If a business is not on the list, they may not do business in the area. This is FALSE."

The site also warned of a scam going around that claims that FEMA inspectors are asking for personal information or charging for services such as damage inspections or contractor repairs. They say not to respond to texts, phone calls, or requests like this.

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