Liberty Island Evacuated After Protestor Scales the Statue of Liberty

July 04, 2018Jul 04, 2018

A liberal protester choose the most patriotic day of the year and the most patriotic location in the U.S. to protest President Trump

According to ABC, an unnamed female protester climbed the base statue. She refuses to come down.

Her protest has forced police to evacuated Liberty Island. According to a National Parks spokesperson, they evacuated all visitors off the island via ferry.

This is the second protest on the island this holiday. The protest earlier in the day was over immigration laws. Earlier in the afternoon, seven people were arrested for holding a banner that read "ABOLISH ICE" off the base below the statue.

Police are also up on the base of the Statue of Liberty now trying to get her to come down. Footage from the scene shows that the officers are wearing harnesses and used ladders to climb up to the statue's base.

The woman was seen holding a t-shirt displaying the words "Rise and Resist" and "Trump Care Makes Us Sick."

Rise and Resist is the name of the protest group that arranged the banner display earlier on Fourth of July. They tweeted that the climber "has no connection to our #abolishice action earlier today."

"Rise and Resist planned a banner drop today at the Statue of Liberty. This action did not include the climber on the statue. Our action was completed earlier. While it was not part of our action, our first priority and concern is for the safety of the climber," they wrote in another tweet.

People on Twitter have been responding to the protest. Some are supportive while others have pointed out that she's wasting the time of first responders.

In other news, the tragic news broke yesterday that a mega-famous singer's son had committed suicide.