Liberals Upset That ‘Black Panther’ Movie Isn’t as Liberal as They Hoped It’d Be

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

The fervor surrounding the upcoming “Black Panther” superhero movie has been immense. The anticipation for a movie that celebrates African culture — through futuristic, fictional means — has been incredibly high, and entire theaters have been bought out so that kids in predominantly black neighborhoods in America can watch a heroic action character who looks like them.

Based on the Marvel Comics series, the film focuses on a make-believe planet called Wakanda that bears similarities to real-world Africa but presents a picture of what the continent could have looked like with less influence from white Western imperialists, according to Variety. Left-wing black publication The Root called Wakanda a black utopia that “is a game changer for artists and audiences.”

In an interview with liberal online publication Mother Jones, the film’s writer Joe Robert Cole said, “‘Black Panther’ is a historic opportunity to be a part of something important and special, particularly at a time when African Americans are affirming their identities while dealing with vilification and dehumanization. The image of a black hero on this scale is just really exciting.”

“It’s awesome to see Black Power celebrated in such a mainstream fashion,” Variety declared.

But the magazine warned its readers that “Black Panther” doesn’t go to great lengths to push an agenda. It’s still just a superhero action movie created to thrill people who love superhero action movies.

And for some liberals, the movie has missed the boat in one huge way: It eliminated the lesbian subplot that existed in some of the comic books.

In a critical piece published in Gizmodo’s io9, staff writer Charles Pulliam-Moore complains that two of the movie’s female side characters are never shown to be lovers. In fact, he says one scene where the two of them dance together and appear to flirt was cut from the film altogether.

Asked about it, writer Cole dismissed the scene as so brief he couldn’t even remember it and seemed to suggest that the lesbian side plot was not a big enough part of the whole story to include it.

Pulliam-Moore writes, “This isn’t the first time that Marvel Studios have missed a readily-available opportunity to finally bring some queer representation to the big screen.”

“Did Disney get cold feet about representing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first lesbian relationship?” wondered Dan Avery, editor of NewNowNext, who referenced a movement by fans of the movie who were pushing for the lesbian romance to be included.

On the other hand, the anti-Democrat and anti-Black Lives Matter pro-black online group Hotep Nation claims “Black Panther” is “overhyped and underserved” and says that it shouldn’t take “a fictional character to inspire African pride.” They also pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals using capitalistic means to raise money for movie tickets for kids in black communities when they spend so much time blasting capitalism.

“Black Panther” is opening in movie theaters Thursday evening.

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