Liberals Target Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Simply Baking a Pecan Pie

November 28, 2017Nov 28, 2017

On Thanksgiving day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a picture of a homemade delicious-looking Chocolate Pecan Pie. She acknowledged that she “doesn’t cook much these days,” but was proud of her Thanksgiving dessert to share with family.

Many users commented on Sanders’ photo, insinuating that pie was fake because the dessert was placed on an all-white background, leading people to believe Sanders stole a stock photo and passed it off as her own. People used the hashtags “#FakePie” and “#Piegate,” which was trending on social media at one point.

CNN Political Analyst April Ryan even commented on the matter, spreading the rumor and stating it gave her a "good laugh." According to My San Antonio, MSNBC’s Joy Reid also encouraged the rumor saying she “cannot verify whether or not Sanders baked that pie.”

Sanders jokingly responded to Ryan by saying she would bake her the same pie next week, insisting that she did actually bake the pie, despite fake news media. Other users chimed in, noting it was clear that Sanders was the first one to post the photo.

Trump-supporting singer Joy Villa also came to Sanders’ defense. The conservative singer, who made a name for herself by wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress earlier this year, shared an article from My San Antonio that defended the White House Press Secretary.

The Washington Post also wrote an article defending Sanders, which she later shared with a special “thank you” to the writer.

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