Liberals Start Petition to Rename Island Named After Major President

August 28, 2017Aug 28, 2017

Social Justice Warriors have a new target, reports The Daily Wire. They've spent the last few weeks attacking Confederate monuments, but now they want to rename Roosevelt Island. The irony is too good. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a Democratic hero. He increased the power of the federal, and he started many of the things—like Medicare and Social Security—that Liberals fight so hard to protect. He ushered in over three decades of Democratic control of the presidency. From his first election in 1932 until Nixon's election in 1968, there wasn't a single Republican in the office of president. 

Most Liberals glaze over the fact that he interned Japanese Americans during World War II. By signing Executive Order 9066, FDR issued Presidential Proclamation No. 2537, which required all "aliens" from World War II countries fighting against the Untied States—Italy, Germany, and Japan—to register with the United States Department of Justice.

It also authorized a full-scale internment of Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest. The population wasn't significant, and they actually couldn't have done any significant damage, even if they had wanted to. The only state where internment may have made sense was Hawaii, but internment didn't happen there because Japanese Americans formed too signifiant a portion of the population. 

In a petition, people are asking for 1,000 signatures to move forward a cause to change the name of Roosevelt island. They cite Roosevelt's actions in WWII as justification for removing his name from the island. 

"Roosevelt Island was originally called Minnehanonck & subsequently named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was a racist. He signed Executive Order 9066 which put the Japanese into internment camps. To add injury to insult, the name was taken away from the Native American people who were slaughtered by the American settlers. Change the name back & serve justice," says the petition. 

So far the petition hasn't gained much traction. At the time of publication, they only had 68 signatures. Several of those signers only signed so that they could comment on the ridiculous nature of the petition. 

But one Daily Caller commenter had a good idea. Let's repeal FDR; let's remove his impact from U.S. history. That would mean abolishing the FDIC, the SEC, the FHA, the NLRB, and Social Security. 

If we're going to remove those who celebrated racism from American History, then that's going to mean moving far past just Confederate monuments. For many generations, that would mean removing the Democratic Party. If you once remove one part of history, then where do you stop?  

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