Liberals Just Got News They Don't Want to Hear About Trump-Russia Collusion

August 17, 2017Aug 17, 2017

In their unsuccessful effort to sabotage and even impeach President Trump, the media and political classes have desperately tried to find a solid connection between Trump and the Russians. They want to prove that Trump and Russia colluded in order to steal the nomination away from candidate Hillary Clinton. 

But one news outlet just received information that liberals don’t want to hear. According to the Daily Caller, a Trump campaign adviser suggested a foreign policy meeting with Russian insiders during the campaign, but was shot down by Jeff Sessions. The idea was recommended in a March 31, 2016 meeting between Trump and his newly-formed foreign policy advisory team.

Two members of the meeting remark that George Papadopoulos, a young energy consultant, offered up the idea to Trump and his team. Those at the meeting were baffled, and Sessions immediately shot down the idea.

This information undermines the narrative of the mainstream media that the Trump campaign colluded and sought to maintain connections with the Russian government throughout the election season. Several people are under investigation by three congressional committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Jeff Sessions has also come under scrutiny over some encounters he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The Daily Caller reports that prior to joining the Trump effort, Papadopoulos advised presidential candidate Ben Carson. Days after he came onto the Trump campaign on March 21, 2016 he sent out an email suggesting that Trump officials meet with Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin himself. Sam Clovis, the campaign’s chief policy adviser, said no to the idea.

Congressional investigators are interested in Papadopoulos’ activity during the campaign. It is alleged that he had a connection to Sergei Millian, the chairman of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, which will be a subject of particular interest to investigators. It seems, however, that Papadopoulos’ questionable connections to Russia – if there are any – did not have any influence on Trump or his campaign.

Many on Fox News have warned Americans to not listen to the Russia-Trump narrative espoused by the mainstream media. It’s fake and dangerous news, they warn. The mainstream media, political class, and supposed foreign policy “experts” will do anything to defeat Trump, even if it means escalating tensions with Russia.

In breaking news, President Trump just issued a statement about a horrific new terrorist attack. 

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