Trump Attacked Over Melania's Birthday Gift, Obama Gave the Same Thing to Michelle Months Before

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump celebrated her 48th birthday on Thursday, April 26th. On her special day, President Donald Trump appeared in an interview on Fox & Friends where he revealed that he gave a “beautiful card and beautiful flowers” to his beloved wife as a birthday gift.

Trump already expected that he would receive backlash from the mainstream media and anti-Trumpers since he “didn’t get [Melania] much.” In his interview, he pointed out that he would probably “get himself into trouble” for revealing Melania’s birthday gift.

President Trump was correct. As previously reported, several mainstream media outlets criticized Trump for only getting Melania a card and flowers. See a few of the critical remarks below:

Ironically, liberals praised former president Barack Obama for getting his wife, Michelle, a card and flowers for her birthday back in January. Michelle posted a picture of the gift on social media, which was flooded with praise and adoration.

“You two are so romantic! Keep it up!” user “ko_gma” stated.

“Awww so sweet...he’s a keeper!” other users chimed in.

On Michelle’s birthday, PEOPLE released a story praising Obama's birthday gift idea and insisting people would "swoon" over it. However, PEOPLE’s version of President Trump getting Melania flowers and a card for her birthday had a very different angle. See the headlines below:

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