Liberal Website Just Made Outrageous Claim About National Anthem

August 29, 2017Aug 29, 2017

Ever since the violent Charlottesville riots took place, the country has been experiencing a dramatic division. The original controversy was over the removal of a Confederate statue. While some believe that all reminders of Confederacy should be destroyed, others believe that removing a piece of our country's history is outrageous.

The far left has been adding to their list of what they are deeming as racist. What started off as a battle against Confederate statues has escalated into a battle against iconic football mascots, national memorials, and even people's names

The latest addition to the ongoing list, however, has taken the debate entirely too far. A liberal site just said that they believe the national anthem is a symbol of white supremacy.

The liberal online magazine, Salon, published an article earlier this week bashing the "Star Spangled Banner." The article was titled, "It is time to examine the words and the origins of our national anthem, another neo-Confederate symbol."

In the article, author Jefferson Morley wrote about the history of the national anthem and Memorial Day. He said that while they do not necessarily need to be jettisoned, we should recognize their historical roots.

He wrote, "For example, observing Memorial Day and singing 'The Star Spangled Banner' are uncontroversial patriotic gestures, yet there is no disputing that neo-Confederates developed these rituals."

He said that Francis Scott Key's song was written to "deride black people who took up arms to gain their freedom in the War of 1812," and that it became a "point of pride for Southerners."

Morley said that original supporters of the song were explicit on their racist intentions. While there was back and forth debate about what people considered as the national anthem, Key's song became the official one in 1931. Morley said that this history of the song should be recognized, along with the origin of Memorial Day.

He said that Memorial Day was established to honor veterans of both northern and southern armies. This implied that there was equality in respect for each of their causes. 

Morley did not give his opinion on whether or not the national anthem and Memorial day should be dissolved. He did say that their histories incorporate white supremacy and that it should be recognized.

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