Liberal Media SHOCKINGLY Admits Who Won Last Night's Debate

October 05, 2016Oct 05, 2016

To conservatives, the winner of last night's vice presidential debate was clear. Democrat Tim Kaine came across as extremely aggressive and rude as he constantly interrupted Republican Mike Pence — up to 72 times by one count — throughout the night and steamrolled over moderator Elaine Quijano, who lost almost all control over the debate after the first few minutes.

Pence, on the other hand, came across as collected and presidential as he calmly addressed as many of Kaine's Gatling-Gun barrage of attacks and insults against Donald Trump as he could in the time given. The differences in the two running mates' performances was so vast that even many mainstream media outlets couldn't spin it as a Kaine victory.

— NBC's Chuck Todd admitted that Pence won the debate but assured his co-hosts that Hillary will get the last laugh, according to MRC NewsBusters.
The Washington Post put Pence as the clear winner and said both Kaine and moderator Quijano lost the night.
— MSNBC's Christ Matthews was floored by Pence's performance, calling it "eloquent" and "excellent," and said he was "very effective at being a conservative" and a clear winner over Kaine. He described Kaine's constantly interrupting performance as "desperate," according to NewsBusters.
CNN was forced to admit Pence won after their own viewers' poll showed Pence at 48% over Kaine at 42% — they called it a "narrow win." CNN commentator David Gergen said Pence's performance will lift the GOP's spirits.
CBS News said the winner was Pence but also tried to minimize the importance of the debate.
ABC News declined from clearly declaring a winner but definitely seemed to be leaning toward Pence, who they said did a better job in this debate than Trump did in his.
The New York Times wrote an opinion piece on the debate that was very clearly an attack piece on Trump, but Pence still came across at masterful.

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