Liberal Magazine Tells Readers to Trash Thanksgiving For Trump Supporters

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

As Thanksgiving approaches, many families are putting politics aside and coming together for a great turkey dinner. But according to GQ, anybody with a Trump-supporting relative should consider bringing politics to the dinner table in order to "ruin" Thanksgiving for them. 

GQ points out in the article that Thanksgiving last year was a difficult time for many Americans. This is because the election was still fresh in the national memory. During this time, President Trump was in the process of picking the most conservative national cabinet ever seen in American history since Ronald Reagan, and many of his picks were aggravating to Democrats. 

Joe Berkowitz, writing for GQ, describes the 2016 Thanksgiving as a time of hiring an EPA chief "who doesn't believe in climate change" and national security advisers who are "Islamophobic." On top of that, says Berkowitz, Trump was a "racist dog" who loves "locker room talk" and listens to foreign agents.

This is all something that liberals should bring up to their Trump supporting relatives, says Berkowitz. In fact, this author's hatred of President Trump goes so deep that he suggests this year, liberals should fulfill their "civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving." 

By this, he means that liberals should aggressively tell their relatives that:

Trump has spent the entire year performing one long, clumsy touchdown dance atop the wreckage of America’s former norms and values. He turned the presidency into a haberdashery. He made nepotism a core hiring strategy. He attacked a civil rights leader during Martin Luther King Day. He politicized a Boy Scout jamboree. Any parents still riding the Trump Train at this point have thereby signaled that nothing is sacred. It is time to follow their example. They can’t stand idly by while President Deals tramples every other American tradition and yet somehow expect that Thanksgiving will be normal too.

Why does GQ suggests that liberals ruin Thanksgiving this year? They provide a clear answer.

If every other moment of this year is going to be drastically out of whack, nobody should get to pretend that everything is normal for one meal just because that’s what the pilgrims would have done.

Toward the end of the article, GQ provides three concrete things that liberals can do to ruin the Thanksgiving of their Trump-supporting relatives. 

First, they say that a good idea is to simply not show up to Thanksgiving. For some Trump-supporting parents, an absence will be more upsetting than showing up to argue. Second, they advocate showing up and being very rude, giving family members no hugs and only formal handshakes. Then, during Football games and other family events, talk only about police brutality and how terrible President Trump is. Third, they recommend that liberals be utterly disrespectful and cruel to their Trump-supporting family members. 

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