Liberal Hollywood Shaking In Their Boots, Actors Assemble In New Ad To Attack Trump

September 21, 2016Sep 21, 2016

Hollywood director Joss Whedon has assembled a large group of uber liberal actors and actresses to preach anti-Trump hatred in a new TV ad. The ad, titled “Important” from director of “The Avengers” tries to persuade Americans to listen to celebrities opinions instead of facts and reason when deciding who to vote for in the upcoming election.

The preachy, “I’m famous so my opinion matters” ad for Whedon’s Save the Day PAC features Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Stanley Tucci, James Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Sheen and a number of other ego-centric Hollywood types. In the ad the launch veiled attacks at Trump while ignoring Hillary’s disturbing scandals and record.

In the ad, the actors even allude to the idea that people should listen to them just because they are famous.  And following the typical liberal narrative, they accuse Trump of being a racist, but offer no facts to support that claim.

Watch as Hollywood tries to use their sense of entitlement to pander to and at the same time shame the American people.

What do you think of the ad?