Liberal Feminist 'Social Justice Warrior' Is Trying To Shut This Conservative YouTuber Down

October 06, 2016Oct 06, 2016

Conservative YouTuber "Roaming Millennial" is skyrocketing to popularity after a feminist "social justice warrior" named Laci Green attacked her and media analyst Mark Dice exposed the liberal bias of the attack.

The video Roaming Millennial is being attacked for is "'Hands Off My Culture! The Myth Of Cultural Appropriation," which is a very smart, well-crated argument against the rising idea that white people shouldn't borrow from and engage in anything that has to do with other people's cultures. Now watch this political science degree-holder make her case and expose the hypocrisy of the Left:

(PARENTAL WARNING: Some images of pop culture icons wearing revealing clothing)

What do you think of her argument?