Liberal Feminist Journalist Goes Off Script, BLASTS Bill Clinton After His Speech About...

July 27, 2016Jul 27, 2016

It didn't look like NBC news anchor Brian Williams could believe what he was hearing after his co-host Rachel Maddow abandoned the liberal media template and blasted former President Bill Clinton for his speech at the Democratic National Convention last night.

Bill started off his address with a story of how he first spotted Hillary in school and pursued her as a love interest. His intention was probably to make himself and the Democrat presidential nominee look more personable, but feminist Maddow wasn't going to accept any part of it as she lit into Bill on live television. Williams sat back looking at her in shock.

"A+ for the end of the speech," Maddow started, "I think the beginning of the speech, was, uh, a controversial way to start, honestly."

Williams stared up at the ceiling looking bewildered as Maddow continued with an increasingly disgusted look on her face.

"Talking about 'the girl,' 'a girl,' leading with this long story about him being attracted to an unnamed girl, thinking about whether he was starting something he couldn't finish, building her whole political story for the whole first half of the speech around her marriage to him. Unless there were worries this was going to be too feminist a convention..."

Bewildered, Williams rocked back in his chair and opened his mouth to interrupt her, but nothing came out.

"...that was not a feminist way to start," Maddow continued. "But the end of the speech, was really good. I have to say, the top of the speech I found shocking and weird."

Feminist journalists on Twitter were creeped out by Bill's speech as well, according to New York Magazine.

"Former president endorses touching women on the back," tweeted New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff. "This isn't a meet-cute. It's a meet-eww."

"Bill Clinton opens with an extended anecdote about his skill in picking up a girl. Is that really what he wants to highlight tonight?" tweeted The Atlantic journalist Yoni Appelbaum.

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale tweeted, "It's great how even Bill Clinton's love story begins with 'I was shamelessly checking out a hottie.'"