Liberal CNN Reporter Receives Backlash After His Comment On Sexual Abuse Scandal

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

It’s not a good day to be CNN reporter Dylan Byers. He’s experiencing the full wrath of the internet after a misguided tweet about how the recent sexual abuse scandal is draining the entertainment industry of talent.

Since Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women, victims have been coming forward against dozens of men in Hollywood, the media, and politics. Byers bemoaned how this affecting the pool of talent in Hollywood.

“Beyond the pain/ humiliation women have endured (which is, of course, the paramount issue), it’s worth taking stock of the incredible drain of talent from media/ entertainment taking place right now. Never has so much talent left the industry all at once,” Byers tweeted.

Later, Byers took down the tweet, which he made after CBS and PBS both fired veteran journalist Charlie Rose because he was accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women.

Twitter users on both sides of the political aisle criticized Byers. Many of them interpreted the tweet as a way of saying the men’s talent had more value than the talent of the women who were.

Media analyst Mark Dice captured a screen grab of the tweeted before it was deleted. He retweeted it writing, “CNN's @DylanByers is sad that so many talented celebrities are losing work because they're sexual predators. Yeah, how sad they won't be making any more movies. That's the real tragedy in all this, right? Wow CNN is a cesspool.”

Journalist Katherine Krueger, who is a politics writer-editor for Splinter News, tweeted in response to the situation.

She wrote, “So i see dylan byers has finally gone fully dylan byers,” before adding, “It’s nuts how many talented, unemployed journalists I know while Dylan Byers will always have a six figure job.”

Donald Trump Jr. also commented on the situation. He wrote, “Oh they’re “talented”... well that changes everything. I wonder if talented conservatives would get the same sentiment?

Critics have also targeted Byers’ Wikipedia page. Shortly after the tweet, his bio was changed to call him “an American journalist and a proponent of sexual assault if it interferes with his entertainment.”

New York Times best-selling author Roxane Gay wrote, “Think about the women whose talent was never allowed to thrive because men can’t understand that women don’t exist for their sexual delectation. What is wrong with you!?”

Hollywood has certainly been rocked by a string of sexual misconduct allegations. In addition to Harvey Weinstei, Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, ex-Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Louis C.K., an NBC News executive and many others have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior.

"Mother Jones Editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery, Foreign Policy writer Emily Tamkin, freelance journalist Hannah Gais, Mediaite’s Justin Baragona and climate change researcher Kathie Dello are among the many high-profile progressives who turned on Byers because of his tweet," reported Fox. 

Writer Andi Zeisler said, “This tweet is the most embarrassing thing I've seen this week, and I saw a dog wearing a full rain suit today.”

“As penance for this terrible take u should give your job to a woman who left journalism in her early 20s after being sexually harassed," added Jezebel editor J. Escobedo Shepherd.

CNN Money producer Abigail Brooks even responded to her colleague by saying, “I think we can find some suitable replacements.”

Byers eventually deleted his tweet but didn’t apologize for the insensitive remarks, writing, “I've deleted my previous tweet. It was poorly worded and didn't properly convey my intended observation.”

Byers did not respond to request for further comment. CNN also failed to answer questions about whether he would be disciplined for the comment. 

In other news, "The View" co-host Meghan McCain just tied the knot in a secret ceremony. 

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