Liberal Actress Arrested While Protesting Trump, Marched Away by Police

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

Actress Susan Sarandon arrested on Thursday during a #WomenDisobey sit-in. She was one of the hundreds of women who were arrested at the Hart Senate building in Washington, D.C.

Sarandon said she was there to protest President Trump’s immigration policies. She didn't seem to mind her arrest, which was likely short given her celebrity status.

She tweeted, "Arrested. Stay strong. Keep fighting."

According to The Hill, her representative, Teal Cannaday, further explained why Sarandon was protesting. He shared a statement from her.

"I was moved by the passionate, committed response to ending the separation of families seeking asylum and the incarceration of children," Sarandon’s statement read. "This is a moral, not political question and I’m proud to have stood with the hundreds of women to say that we do not accept this. Unite families and abolish ICE."

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and more than 500 other protesters were also arrested during the sit-in, which was organized by the Women's March.

The protesters didn't seem to realize that President Trump is already working to stop families from being separated. Earlier in June, President Trump signed an executive order to end the practice.

These are also the same women who are rabidly pro-life. They don't seem to understand the tragedy of ripping children from their mother's wombs while they are protesting taking children away from their mothers. 

This isn't the first time Sarandon has made the news lately. Last week she shattered royal protocol when she met Queen Elizabeth