Liberal Actress Announces She's Running for Political Office

March 19, 2018Mar 19, 2018

Cynthia Nixon used to be one of the stars of "Sex and the City," but now she's hoping to be most famous for being a governor. She announced on March 19th that she's running for Governor of New York State.

She's running against fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo because she disagrees with his education policy, and she thinks he isn't doing enough to fix inequality in her state.

In an April interview with The View, the actress, who is legally married to another woman, Christine Marinoni, criticized Cuomo. You can watch the interview below.

"Basically, Gov. Cuomo is shortchanging the children of New York state,” said Nixon. “He is not against public schools but he doesn't like to pay for them.”

Nixon, who is legally married to another woman. announced her candidacy on Monday in a Twitter video. She'll be challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York's Democratic primary in September.

"Her announcement sets up a race pitting an openly gay liberal activist against a two-term incumbent with a $30 million war chest and possible presidential ambitions," wrote ABC News.

In the video, Nixon outlined why she felt compelled to run for governor. Throughout the announcement, she also emphasized the fact that she's lived in New York her whole life.

"We want our government to work again. On health care, ending massive incarceration, fixing our broken subway," Nixon said in the video. "We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us."

Nixon won't have an easy time taking the nomination from Cuomo. In a recent poll, she trails him 19% to 66% among registered Democrats. According to ABC, Nixon did a little better among younger and upstate Democrats, but she didn't have more than a quarter of either group.

Nixon is far from a moderate Democrat. In recent months, she's been calling on Democrats to really be Democrats in the face of solid Republicans.

Nixon, who is 51 years old and has three children, is a longtime advocate for fairness in public school funding. Her video showcases this by showing her walking her young daughter to school as she talks about being a proud public school parent.

Her video wasn't the first time she's called out her state for inequality. Last month, at the annual New York gala of Human Rights Campaign, she attacked the current administration.

She said, "For all the pride that we take here in being such a blue state, New York has the single worst income inequality of any state in the country."

Cuomo hasn't commented on Nixon since she announced her candidacy. However, he's seemed to dismiss her and the power of her name.

"Normally name recognition is relevant when it has some connection to the endeavor," Cuomo told reporters earlier this month. "If it was just about name recognition, then I'm hoping that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Billy Joel don't get into the race."

Jefrey Pollock, pollster and political adviser to Cuomo and other prominent Democrats, told ABC he isn't convinced that her celebrity status will impact voters.

"Over and over in our research, Democratic primary voters say they're not looking for an outsider because they look to Washington, D.C., and see what the outsider has meant to this country," Pollock said.

Do you think that people would elect a lesbian who is married to another woman to be governor? If elected, Nixon would be the first married lesbian to serve as governor. In other news, 29 million people are facing severe weather. Should you be worried

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