World Famous Actor in Mourning After Nephew Dies 10 Years After Tragic Death of Wife in Similar Way

January 17, 2019Jan 17, 2019

Ten years ago, actor Liam Neeson lost his beloved wife Natasha Richardson after a fall caused a serious head injury. Five years later, his nephew suffered a serious head injury during a night out with his friends, reported the Mirror

Now his nephew, Ronan Sexton, 35, has passed away as a result of the injuries sustained in the fall. Ronan, who is the youngest of the "Taken" actor's sister Bernadette Sexton's children, fell 20ft from a phonebox in June 2014.

Police believe it was a drunken prank gone terribly wrong.

A police spokesperson said at the time: "Just after 4 am on Sunday a man climbed on top of a telephone kiosk outside Brighton Pier when he fell some 20ft to the ground, sustaining a serious head injury."

Richardson, who was 45-years-old at the time of her death, also passed away altering a freak skiing accident. The "Parent Trap" actress fell while taking lessons on a beginners’ slope at the Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec.

Neeson was said to be 'devastated' by the accident at the time. Sexton was in a critical condition after the fall, and he was put into an induced coma.

He died over the weekend surrounded by his family. A friend of Sexton said that Neeson was "very close to all his nephews."

He said: “The whole family is devastated by what’s happened, that includes Liam.”

After the tragic news broke, the family's parish priest, Fr. Luke McWilliams, told the Belfast Telegraph the family asked for privacy as they mourned their loss.

Neeson's wife Natasha, who he has two children with, died in 2009 from the skiing accident. The actress had not been wearing a helmet during her lesson, and she initially shrugged off the fall.

She appeared to be fine—talking and acting normally—so the paramedics who responded to the accident left. She continued to refuse medical attention, but three hours later she was taken to the hospital. Two days later, she died in a New York hospital.

The New York City medical examiner’s office said she had suffered a blunt trauma to the head. That caused massive internal bleeding in the brain.

Liam and Natasha married in 1994. They have two sons: Michael and Daniel, who were both young when their mother passed away.

Please pray for Neeson as he mourns his nephew's passing. This will be especially hard for him as it will remind him of his wife's passing.


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