Len Goodman Doesn’t Like Me

The competition heats up in season 31 Dancing With the StarsWith Len GoodmanBeing forced to choose between Teresa Giudice Cheryl LaddThe second elimination of this season.

“I don’t think Len liked me really so much — I don’t think he liked me,” the 50-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Us WeeklyAfter the Monday, September 26 episode, other reporters followed suit. “I knew Len was not gonna pick me. I knew he was going to pick Cheryl over my. I knew it already. … I just had a feeling.”

Teresa Giudice
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Giudice Pasha Pashkov found themselves in the bottom two for the second week in a row after earning a 23/40 for their jive set to “All Shook Up” on Elvis night. While Derek Hough Bruno TonioliI wanted to save Bravo’s star over the Charlie’s Angelsalum, 71 Louis van Amstel, who scored a 26/40 for their Viennese waltz to “Heartbreak Hotel,” Carrie Ann InabaGoodman chose Ladd. As the “head judge,” Goodman’s vote carries more weight and the actress got to move on to week three.

Giudice noted that she was “happy” it wasn’t a unanimous decision between the four judges. When Giudice was questioned by Use whether she was “surprised” that she was in the bottom two again, the Standing Strong author admitted, “It is what it is. … I guess, maybe, because we were on the bottom two last week. I really don’t know how it works.”

Reality star confessed further that she was unsure of her abilities after seeing the competition.

Teresa Giudice Talks DWTS Tie Breaker Dancing With The Stars Len Goodman

Len Goodman
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“You know, everyone was amazing. … I wanted to win the mirrorball because [Pasha’s]Frau [Daniella Karagach] won it last season, so I wanted him to have the second trophy in their house, so they’d have two of them. But there’s a lot of amazing dancers on the show,” she explained. “When I saw my competition, I’m like, ‘I’m definitely not winning it,’ but I tried.”

Giudice concluded that her husband is ready to let go of the competition and enjoy quality time together. Luis “Louie” RuelasShe married a man named Jeremy in August.

Teresa Giudice Talks DWTS Tie Breaker Dancing With The Stars

Teresa Giudice & Pasha Pashkov
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“Now I get to spend time with my husband. … I just got married and then I started doing Dancing With the Stars, so it’s like I left my husband,” she said. “I felt really bad, so at least now I get to go home and spend time with my husband ’cause I am a newlywed.”

Dancing With the StarsAirs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Disney+ ET. You can see more of Giudice in the video above!