Legendary Radio Reporter, Charity Man Dies at 76 With His Wife By His Side

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

On January 16, the world lost a kind individual who brought joy to many people throughout the years. Legendary BBC radio journalist Ed Doolan passed away in his sleep with his beloved wife by his side.

Reportedly, 76-year-old Doolan had been battling vascular dementia for a few years up to that point. His agent, Paul Vaughan, confirmed his death.

Doolan was known as a brilliant communicator and a charitable individual. He had interviewed several big-name individuals, including every Prime Minister since Harold Macmillan. In 2004, he was the first BBC presenter to be inducted into the Radio Academy’s Hall of Fame. He spent his career attempting to talk about difficult aspects of life while still uncovering the joy in it all.

BBC VM said, “Ed touched the [lives] of countless people from all walks of life- not only through his broadcasting and writing but through his oft4en unsung work for charity.”

Doolan’s agent, Vaughan, had represented him for almost 40 years.

He said, “We have lost a champion and a truly skilled and popular broadcaster and newspaper columnist.”

When Doolan started battling dementia in 2013, he was still determined to keep up with his weekly BBC show. He began pre-recording the show in order to accommodate his illness.

In various interviews, he said, “I’ve spent my entire life communicating and suddenly I find I can’t communicate…If we find we can’t do something, and I can’t tell the difference between 1963 and 1983, it’s not funny. Then you click back in and do it another way.”

Regional BBC leader David Jennings called Doolan a “broadcasting giant” and said that he was “loved by generations of radio listeners.”

Jennings said, “On his daily show, he was the people’s champion- tireless in his pursuit of truth and fairness for all. Ed faced dementia with indomitable spirit and bravery, raising awareness of the condition and continuing to broadcast on BBC VM every week.”

“His contribution to broadcasting is immense and will continue to inspire presenters across local radio now and in the future,” he continued. “All our thoughts are with Ed’s wife Chris and their family.”

Over the years, Doolan was given the MBE regarding broadcasting and charity. He also won a Sony Gold Award and was the first person to be awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Birmingham, University of Aston, and Birmingham City University.

Though his passing was not necessarily a surprise, the loss was felt by many. Please be praying for Doolan’s wife and other loved ones. In other recent news, 4 officers were shot early this morning and the sheriff’s department is asking for prayers.

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