'Legally Blonde' Cast: Where Are They Now?

The iconic comedy that gave us “bend and snap!” lives on!

2001 release Legally BlondeThese are the next Reese Witherspoon‘s Elle Woods, a sorority girl who is dumped by her boyfriend who thinks he’s too good for her. In an attempt to prove him wrong, Elle hits the books and is admitted to Harvard. Luke Wilson (Emmett Richmond), Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette Bonafonte), Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington), Matthew DavisThe film stars many other iconic actors, including Warner Huntington III.

“Playing Elle Woods was the role of a lifetime,” the Big Little Lies alum posted on Instagram on the film’s anniversary in July 2021, along with behind-the-scenes photos. “I’m so honored to have been a part of sharing her story with you all.”

Other cast members also took to social media to review the film. Blair made a celebratory post as well, adding that she was “too busy hanging out with Matt Davis talking in my trailer, or watching Reese work” to be snapping too many pics on set.

Two years after the release the original film, Witherspoon was back in Legally Blonde 2, which followed her character’s journey as an animal rights activist. The musical adaptation was performed on stage in 2007. Witherspoon produced a spinoff, called Legally Blonde, the starring twin sister MillyAnd Becky Rosso playing Elle’s younger cousins.

Plus, LEgally Blonde 3It is in process. Written by Mindy KalingAnd Dan GoorThe film’s future release date is May 2022. Other than that, not much information is known. Witherspoon will reprise her role as Elle Woods.

It is remembered for its optimistic protagonist, and a message that digs under the surface. Legally BlondeThis film has been relevant for years. Keep scrolling as you wait for the third movie to be released.