Legal Immigrant Defeats Joy Behar in Debate Over Trump’s Wall on ‘The View’

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

Antonio Sabàto Jr. immigrated legally to the U.S. from Italy when he was just 12 years old. Since then, he’s embraced America to become an actor and model and is now running for office in California.

According to ABC News, Sabàto is running for state legislature and is a big supporter of the right to bear arms. Unlike many in his industry, he’s also a big fan of President Trump and thinks a new border wall is an important step on getting a handle on illegal immigration.

On Thursday, Sabàto appeared on the largely liberal discussion panel of “The View” to talk about his beliefs. Hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, especially, wanted to grill him on how he could be an immigrant and a Trump support at the same time.

“You call yourself an immigrant, but you’re in favor of the wall being built, being paid for by the American people, and keeping other immigrants out of the country, much like yourself,” Hostin questioned.

“See, I want the American people to be taken care of first. I don’t want the American people to take care of everyone else’s problems,” Sabàto replied, adding that his family went through the immigration process the way you’re supposed to, saving up money and waiting in line.

He also expressed his support for immigration reform and DACA but said that “at the same time, we need to protect our borders.”

But Behar countered him, insisting, “Logically, people who are coming in either legally or illegally are flying in. They’re not jumping over a wall. It’s a waste of money, isn’t it?”

Sabàto calmly fired back, informing her, “We are arresting, at the border, a thousand people every single day. And there’s probably a lot more coming in. So we can’t allow that to happen. They’re bringing a lot of drugs and whatever, so we need to protect the American people. That’s all I’m saying.”

“And you think this wall is going to do it,” Behar scoffed.

“It’s done it for Israel. Mexico has got a wall. Why can’t we?” Sabàto questioned.

“Well, it’s a very big, big expensive wall, and it may not be cost-effective,” Behar countered.

“We spend a $100 billion dollars on immigration every year. The wall will cost probably less than $20 billion. We would save a lot of money,” Sabàto told her.

“The View” hosts immediately changed the subject. Watch that clip here (jump ahead to 5:24 for the debate):

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