Grammy Award-Winning Christian Artist Under Major Heat Amid Racial Controversy

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

Grammy award-winning Christian music artist, Lecrae, is currently in the middle of a major controversy revolving around racial injustice. Lecrae is well-known for incorporating Jesus and faith into the rap and hip-hop culture, shaping a certain genre of Christian music.

He has been nominated for more than two dozen musical awards and has won over a dozen, including two Grammys and seven GMA dove awards. Some of his top songs are “All I need is you,” “Blessings,” “Tell the world,” and “Messengers.”

Despite his great success in the music industry, Lecrae has lost a large percentage of his fan base after he made controversial remarks, which many felt were “racist.” Previously, the Christian artist announced that he was “distancing himself from white evangelicalism.”

When asked if he was actually “divorcing white evangelicals” in a recent interview, he replied, “On this album, artistically, absolutely.”

He continued, “I said, this is for the culture, this is who Lecrae is and this is not Lecrae...trying to make a song that caters to a white audience in any fashion. People who I knew loved Lecrae—the black man, the Christian, all of who Lecrae was, not the caricature that had been drawn up for him...if that’s a divorce, then sure.”

According to CBN News, last year he performed a show to only 300 people, which probably would have been 3,000 if he hadn’t made his controversial remarks.

Many other Christians were not happy with his comments. On social media, several men and women of faith expressed their frustration with Lecrae’s perspective.

Watch the CBN News video below for more information.

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