Leading Hollywood Director Gives Incredible Defense of GOP Tax Plan

December 28, 2017Dec 28, 2017

When a leading Hollywood director says anything in support of Republicans or conservatives, it’s news. That’s because, like a grizzly bear running through the middle of a major metropolis, it doesn’t happen often.

But award-winning director Ridley Scott managed to sneak his support of the Republican tax bill — recently signed by President Trump — into an interview with the entertainment section of a moderately liberal newspaper. He was talking to the Denver Posts’ The Know about his new “All the Money in the World,” which he had to reshoot after he completed it.

The dilemma Scott ran into with his just-released movie about billionaire J. Paul Getty is that he had cast Kevin Spacey as Getty. Following the sexual abuse charges that were lobbed at 58-year-old Spacey, Scott reshot all of his scenes in a short period of time with 88-year-old Christopher Plummer instead.

During his recent interview about that arduous process, the Denver Post said, “There’s a lot commentary in this film about the value of human life, class struggles and the role of wealth in society. Do you think there’s anything to be learned from it at this moment in America?”

Scott unexpectedly replied, “Well, let’s take the tax bill. People say [Republicans] are doing it for the wealthy class. What they forget is if you get a clever, un-selfish business person — I don’t care if it’s a corner store or a big business — who’s suddenly saving 15 percent, they’ll put it back in this business. Then you’re going to get growth and therefore [people] will get employed.”

He continued, “My concern is with the elderly, the infirm and the youth who need to have chances and shots for every level, and equality in education. But you have to use it. You have to get your [expletive] head down and use it.”

But the Denver Post didn’t seem to be satisfied with that answer and insisted, “I’m sure you benefited from some help early on in your career.”

“I’m a natural-born hunter because that’s who I am,” Scott countered. “No one taught me that. I started from scratch. I arrived in Hollywood with a wristwatch and stayed at the YMCA. You have to learn the curve. But don’t [expletive] moan about it. It’s about doing. There’s always a way in.”

After giving advice to the upcoming generation, he added, “I used to lay concrete on runways for an Irish company when I was a student. I packed drywall. My parents didn’t have the money to help me out. But they were very supportive of anything I wanted to do.”

“All the Money in the World” hit theaters on Christmas, is getting rave reviews on IMDB, and is rated R for “language, some violence, disturbing images and brief drug content.”

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