Lawmakers Must Act as Biden Weaponizes Big Tech Against Americans

Last week, Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General, was exposedThe symbiosis between the Silicon Valley elites and the Deep State. Schmitt’s revelation came just days after Americans learned that Facebook coordinated with the FBI to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story a few weeks before the 2020 election.

It is now clearer than ever that President Joe Biden’s regime is actively using the power of Big Tech’s totalitarian policiesTo silence ordinary Americans who have dissenting views.

The past few weeks of whistleblowers and court discovery have revealed evidence of the Biden administration’s deliberate weaponization of the power of Big Tech. It began in July 2021 when Jen Psaki, then White House press secretary, started to see the effects. disclosed that the Biden administration was working with Facebook to censor “misinformation” related to COVID-19.

Thanks to Schmitt, we now know of more than 45 officials at various agencies and numerous White House staffers who communicate with social media platforms about “misinformation.” (These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Office of the Surgeon General, and the Election Assistance Commission.)

The Justice Department is refusing to allow a court hearing to examine communications between Big Tech and White House staff.

While Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has insisted repeatedly that it relies on unbiased fact-checking partners to curtail misinformation, recent discovery from Schmitt’s lawsuit has proved otherwise.

Facebook employees receive direct orders from government officials in newly released emails about which Facebook accounts they should act against. This alarming alliance between liberal bureaucrats in Washington, Meta and conservative voices has led to the suppression of conservative voices and there is no sign that it will slow down.

Coordination between the White House and Big Tech doesn’t stop with Meta. RecentlyAfter White House officials requested his removal, Alex Berenson, an author and former New York Times reporter, was deplatformed on Twitter. After publication of the whistleblower report that revealed prevalence of corruption inside Twitter, and considering Twitter’s long history of suppressing dissidents, it is no surprise that Twitter management is willing to take orders from Washington.

These stories have provided both lawmakers and ordinary Americans with hard evidence that this censorship enterprise aims to weaponize Big Tech against the American population.

Under the guise of protecting Americans from “misinformation,” the Biden administration has launched a war against free speech and traditional values. Biden and Silicon Valley ally, his allies, have used account limitations, suspensions and deplatforming as weapons to silence dissidents.

Internet platforms’ content moderation policies for misinformation and other buzzwords are thin veils for the seamless collusion between liberal government and social media. Big Tech isn’t depending on “algorithms” or “unbiased third-party fact-checkers” to determine which accounts to suppress.

Instead, social media companies such Facebook and Twitter work with Washington’s handlers to impose an American liberal worldview and remove criticism of Biden or his associates. Misinformation policies were never more than a way to silence the enemies and the ruling class.

Silicon Valley has been seized by Washington’s unelected bureaucrats. Donald Trump called it the Deep State. It has now expanded its reach into every aspect of our daily lives.

Although the threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology receives attention, our own civil servants in Washington willfully have accomplished an equally dystopic vision for America. Americans are no longer allowed to freely express their political opinions without fear of being deplatformed.

Now it seems that draining the Swamp will also require draining Silicon Valley.

After Biden’s divisive speech Thursday night, which  served as a declaration of war against more than 70 million “MAGA Republicans,” Americans can be certain that this censorship and aggression toward conservatives will only grow.

The political struggle for our country is intertwined in the fight for the internet’s future. As the radical left aggressively seeks to consolidate power the Biden administration is going to use the internet against ordinary Americans in order to force us to submit.

It is crucial that legislators in Congress and state legislatures take decisive actions to protect their constituents against political oppression. The internet’s future depends on strong leadership that is committed in protecting dissidents. The direction of our country and the future of the internet will be determined by the next few months.

However, we can’t continue to depend on podcast interviews and the discovery process in lawsuits as our strategy to fight Big Tech’s tyranny. A defense-oriented approach that relies on tech policy being made in lawsuits is not a way to make any real progress.

Those concerned about the integrity of our republic should seek offensive legislative action from the people’s representatives in Congress and in state legislatures. Only the power of law will restore integrity to political life online.

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