Famous Christian Artist Releases Powerful Video, the Reason It Instantly Went Viral Will Bring You to Tears

October 12, 2018Oct 12, 2018

Lauren Daigle is one of the most famous Christian artists in today’s society. The worship singer-songwriter not only won an American Music Award for “Favorite Artist- Contemporary Inspirational” for the second year in a row, her album just made the top three in the charts!


Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been deeply touched by Daigle’s powerful lyrics and heartfelt melodies. Now, people are being impacted by her yet again, but this time for a completely different reason.


While many professional musicians only perform concerts at large, famous venues, Lauren Daigle decided to throw a concert at a very different type of venue. Recently, the artist decided to visit the Stateville Correctional Prison in Illinois to hold a private worship set with the inmates.

According to Relevant, the facility is a maximum-security state prison. It currently holds over 3,500 inmates. Following the worship set, Daigle took to social media to talk about her experience. She said that it was a “day more than I can articulate.”

Below is the video that she posted. As of Friday morning, the video had already received almost 3 million views. Many of the commenters said that it brought them to tears!

She wrote, “Yesterday was one so unexpected. It was a day that was more than I can articulate. It was a day my eyes had never seen and will never be able to unsee. We sang songs with inmates whose voices carried deeper into our hearts than the echo of a microphone will ever release. I saw hope in the face of the hopeless, joy in the wake of sorrow, wealth in the gap of depravity, and life in the midst of death.”

She continued, “These people have stories, and they also have souls. I watched heaven befriend those who are often forgotten. With each day that passes, may I never take for granted what it is to walk around as a free man. I held a bottle of cold coffee upon pulling out of Statesville Correctional Prison. My hand had never remembered that bottle being so cold…”


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