Lauren Conrad Reveals She, Husband William Tell Don’t Want More Kids

Enough is enough. Lauren ConradShe revealed that she and her husband, William Tell, are done with having children.

“I think we’re at capacity,” she exclusively told Us WeeklyWednesday, June 22. “We feel good about it, but we both wanted two kids. We got two wonderful children. We’re so happy.”

The 36-year old year old HillsTell, 42-year-old alum, and Tell, 42-year old, have two sons, Liam, 4, & Charlie, 2. After two years of dating, the young couple tied the knot in 2014. Conrad opened his heart to UseLearn about the changes in her marriage since having children.

“We’re so tired. That’s OK,” she said. “I think that you just have to work at it after kids come along. Obviously, there’s just so much more on your plate, but I also think that you have, like, a new appreciation for each other. I knew Will would be a good father, but he’s an excellent father. So I appreciate him so much more on that level.”

Lauren Conrad and William Tell
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The reality star added that she thinks marriage “gets better” after kids but admitted, “I’d like a little more sleep.” She and Tell initially met when she was still in high school and he was in a band called Something Corporate. “I met my husband when I was 16 and sitting on stage at one of his concerts. Ten years later, we were set up on a blind date,” Conrad revealed to Us in 2016.

The couple is preoccupied these days with their boys. “I live in a Lego house. Everything’s Legos,” the mother-of-two joked. She also shared that her sons are currently learning the same virtue.

“My biggest parenting challenge right now is patience. Both ends of the spectrum. I’m working on my patience and the boys are just very like, ‘I want this, I want it now,’” she said. “We’re all learning patience together.”

The fashion designer now enjoys being a mom to toddlers, after her days of raising babies are over. “Obviously [babies are]So cute. I love the fact that I can have conversations and get to know my kids. So, I’m enjoying this phase a lot,” she said. There is, however, one conversation she’s dreading — the day her kids ask to watch reruns of her reality shows. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” she said. “I don’t know. I do think about it. I’m like, ‘Oh, like when does that come up?’”

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