Laura Bush Thanks Melania For Sweet Gesture to Bush Family in Midst of Their Mourning

December 05, 2018Dec 05, 2018

The Bush family is mourning the loss of their beloved patriarch, who passed away on November 30. In the midst of their mourning, Melania Trump reached out to help them in their grieving, reported USA Today

A day before the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush, Mrs. Trump invited former first lady Laura Bush and her family to the White House to view the Christmas decorations. The first lady stayed with the Bush's for the majority of the tour, only leaving them for a bit to give them privacy.

For part of the tour, they were joined by President Trump as well. The visit was a private one and there was no reporters present.

Later, Laura Bush took to Instagram to thank Melania for her kindness. She shared a picture of the Bush clan standing under the White House portrait of George H.W. Bush, which was draped in black cloth to signify mourning.

"A sweet visit during this somber week," she wrote in the caption. "Thanks to Mrs. Trump for inviting our family to the White House to see the Christmas decorations and our old friends, the residence staff."

While some would say there is animosity between Melania and Laura—and the Bush and Trump families in general—the meeting was nothing but civility. In the afternoon, the Trumps also visited the 43rd president and his wife at Blair House.

Likewise, Trump was also incredibly cordial on his Twitter.

He wore, "Looking forward to being with the wonderful Bush family at Blair House today. The former First Lady will be coming over to the White House this morning to be given a tour of the Christmas decorations by Melania. The elegance & precision of the last two days have been remarkable!"

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended Bush's funeral on Wednesday. There was one especially tense moment at the funeral between Trump and Hillary Clinton, who he hasn't seen since his inauguration.

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