Late-Night Host Shares Heartbreaking News

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017
Updated August 9 2017 1:47pm ET

Larry King, best known for his late night talk show Larry King Live, shared the sad news yesterday that his brother had passed away. There's no mention of how King's brother, Marty Zeiger, passed away. 

King tweeted the distressing news late on August 8th. He wrote a touching caption to a photo of him and his brother. 

"My dear, wonderful, younger brother Marty died today," wrote King, "A terrific father, husband, grandfather, brother and friend. I'll miss him every day."

King, 83, and his brother were born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Aaron and Jennie Ziegler. His parents were both Orthodox Jews who immigrated to the U.S. His mother came from Lithuania, while his father was born in the Ukraine.

At the young age of 44, their father died, leaving their mother to raise the two boys alone. After he finished high school at Lafayette High School, Larry lost interest in school and his worked to support his mother instead of going to college. 

Pray for King and the rest of the family, especially Zeiger's wife, children, and grandchildren as they deal with their loss. While there is no mention of how Zeiger dies, King's post doesn't seem to point to a long illness, so it is likely that the family is stunned at their loss.

On Wednesday, King shared another photo of his brother. The photo showed Marty with his and their two grandsons. 

"This is my brother Marty with his wife Ellen and grandsons Josh & Ethan," writes King. "He was so proud of them. We're all missing you Marty."

The King/Zeiger family aren't the only people to lose a beloved husband and father yesterday. A legendary country singer died last day after a long illness.  

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