Last Week Sombreros Were Racist; Now Serving Mexican Food Is

October 09, 2015Oct 09, 2015

Last week Pedro's Tex-Mex Cantina was excoriated by University of East Anglia school officials for their cultural "insensitivity" in handing out sombreros to advertise their business. But this week the world truly is two tacos short of a fiesta platter.


According to Campus Reform, Clemson University in South Carolina is actually apologizing to its students for a Mexican food event hosted by their dining services.

"Maximum Mexican" night, one of several cultural food nights, has become a campus favorite over the years, but this time around it was blasted by several students for being culturally insensitive toward Mexicans. Critics posted photos online of workers wearing — gasp! — sombreros and images of Mexican fiesta decorations.

Clemson University's Dr. Doug Hallenback, who is the Senior Associated Vice President of Student Affairs, bemoaned the event for its "flattened cultural view Mexican culture."

Apparently, when serving (even heavily Americanized) ethnic food, it's your responsibility to present all aspects of its associated culture.

Hallenback continued, “It is the mission of University Housing & Dining to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. We failed to live out our mission yesterday, and we sincerely apologize.”

I wonder if last week's imitation crab cakes truly nourished lives.

Other students criticized the critics. Senior Austin Pendergist quipped that he “can't imagine how they’re going to react when they discover that Taco Bell is a thing."

Maybe we should just stick to eating hamburgers ever night.

Except we'd have to give a lecture on German culture then.