Fox Releases New Teaser for "Last Man Standing" And Throws a Punch at ABC While At It

July 18, 2018Jul 18, 2018

Over the last year, fans all over the country have been petitioning for a network to bring back the highly popular show, "Last Man Standing." The show, starring Tim Allen, was canceled last spring by ABC network and fans were devastated. 

Earlier this year, Tim Allen confirmed that the show had been picked back up again! Fox decided to bring back the show, partially because of the success that the reboot of a similar show, "Roseanne," had experienced. Since then, "Roseanne" was canceled yet again. 

Thankfully, fans still have the reboot of "Last Man Standing" to look forward to! Now, Fox Broadcasting Co. has released an official preview trailer for the popular show! 

The trailer features Tim Allen and Nancy Travis in their roles as Mike and Vanessa Baxter. It also subtly mocks the fact that ABC canceled the show and repeatedly talks about a "fox." After Nancy says "it's a fox" three times, Tim Allen quips that "someone will be happy you said that three times."

Many fans pointed out that Fox Broadcasting Co. was making a sort of punch to ABC, wanting to make an emphasis of the fact that they were bringing the show back that fans were devastated to lose. Below is the short clip:

Two months ago, Fox released an "official teaser" for the show as well:

Will you be tuning in this fall to watch the show? Let us know and let us know if you loved this teaser! In other recent news, a secret security agent just died while protecting President Trump in Europe after 19 years of service. Please keep his family in your prayers.