Fox Addresses ‘Last Man Standing’ and Trump Rumors, Announces Major News About the Show

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

In 2017, ABC network faced an extensive amount of backlash for abruptly canceling the highly-rated comedy series “Last Man Standing.” In the show, actor Tim Allen played Mike Baxter — a family man with three daughters showcasing a strong marriage and conservative values.

The show differed drastically from the majority of television shows and movies in the Hollywood scene promoting a liberal agenda. Republican viewers were especially disappointed since it was one of the few recent series left highlighting a conservative viewpoint.

Many were under the impression that the abrupt cancellation was in relation to politics, but ABC denied the accusations. Fortunately for “Last Man Standing” fans, Fox Broadcasting Company — a network with more conservative voices — picked up the show.

Fans have been anxious for the premiere of the show, which was previously confirmed to be sometime in 2018. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer. On Wednesday, August 1st, Fox confirmed the show would premiere on Friday, September 28th.

Amidst all of the excitement for the return of “Last Man Standing,” rumors circulated about how the show would go about politics with a new network. Many were curious as to whether or not Allen’s character would be a Trump supporter.

Fox addressed the rumors on Thursday in a public statement. Ultimately, the show will follow a similar plot line as it did with ABC; its main focus will remain on being a family comedy show, but Baxter will carry out his conservative viewpoints. As far as supporting President Trump, there are currently no plans to address this in the series.

“I will say right now the producers’ plans are not to address whether or not he might be a Trump supporter...At its heart, it’s a family comedy. I think that they’re going to tell the same type of stories that they told during its run on ABC," CEO and Chairman Gary Newman stated.     

Fans were ecstatic to hear that the show would return at the end of September — only a short time away. Additionally, others were excited that “Last Man Standing” would not turn away from politics.

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