Las Vegas Police Give Press Conference to Update on Shooting Investigation

October 06, 2017Oct 06, 2017

On the evening of October 1st, Stephen Paddock shot into the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. He shot and killed 58 people, including himself. Another 515 people were injured in the massacre.


Las Vegas police are still looking into the shooting. On Friday, October 6th, they gave a press conference to update the public on what they know so far. 

In the press conference, which was aired live here (no longer live), they answered press questions and addressed a variety of issues. 

This story will be updated with details as they become available. 

No ISIS Connection

After the shooting happened, ISIS released a statement. They took credit for Paddock's actions, claiming that he had recently converted to Islam. However, police say there's nothing to substantiate the claim. 

Recently, ISIS has taken credit for acts of terrorism that they had no part in. This seems to be one of those situations. 

Billboards in the area asking for details

The police and the FBI have put up billboards in the area asking people to come forward if they know anything. 

They still don’t have a motive

Official name of the tragedy

The Las Vegas shooting will be called "1 October" from now on in official reports. 

What are they focusing on?

The police were asked by a reporter if they were focusing on the month of October because the shooter seemed to be obsessed with it. The shooting took place in October and be bought the guns in October. 

The undersheriff replied that they are looking at every aspect of Stephen Paddock's life. 

"We are looking at every aspect from birth to death of this suspect in this case," said Kevin McMahill.

The police confirm that he was alone

The public had questioned if Paddock could have inflicted so much violence on his own. There was conjecture that there was another shooter in the room. 

Today, Kevin McMahill replied to that claim in the negative. He said, "We're very confident that there was not another shooter in that room." 

 In other news, a music executive just claimed that another famous musician plotted to murder him. The name of the alleged hit man is hilarious.  

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