Larry The Cable Guy Gets Serious When Asked About The Possibility Of A Hillary Presidency

August 30, 2016Aug 30, 2016

Larry the Cable Guy is well known for being able to rattle off a hilarious string of one-liners, but when it comes to politics, he gets downright serious.

In an appearance of Fox Business, the blue collar stand-up comedian was asked by host Stuart Varney about a statement he had made earlier in the day about Hillary Clinton's election being the end of the country.

Larry replied, "OK, it won't be the end. America is an awesome country. It will be like a frog in boiling water. We just start get gradually getting worse and worse, and we don't have any clue what's happening to us."

Larry continued, "Look, I don't hate anyone at all. I have different political opinions, so let me say this. One, there's people in jail who have done worse than she's done. She's a criminal. That's a fact."

"I think, look, when you have somebody running for president that has committed the crimes that she’s committed, by not concealing her e-mails, putting them on servers that people can get into," he explained, “And then flat out looking at the American people and lying to them. I mean, when she said, ‘well, they’ve released everything I’ve got, I mean let them go ahead and look at them, released everything.’ Oh, hey guess what, here we are seven months later, they just found 15,000 more that you didn’t release. And she acts like that’s no big deal."

"I’m a pretty even-keeled dude; just be honest," he added. "So we really want to elect somebody that has already looked you in the straight in the eye and flat out lied to you? Really?”

"I don't want someone like that leading the country," he concluded. "Just be honest with me!"