People Concerned About Lara’s Baby Bump as She Approaches Due Date

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Lara Trump and her husband, Eric Trump, are expecting their first child very shortly. Earlier this year, the couple announced the exciting news of having a baby boy and the nation was thrilled to learn that President Donald Trump will be having another grandchild.

Since the pregnancy announcement, Lara has stayed very involved with the Trump family’s public engagements by speaking at Trump rally’s and continuing her work with the Humane Society. With her busy schedule, she still manages to hit the gym.

In a recent post, Lara shared a video of her completing a tricep/leg combo exercise with the caption, “Hoping the workout inspires this baby to make an appearance!!” The First Daughter-in-law is clearly excited for her little one to arrive and becoming impatient, as most women do towards the end of their third trimester.

However, others appear to be very concerned about the size of her baby bump. In response to the workout video, many commented that her baby bump seems “too small” for being almost 9 months pregnant and encouraged her to not rush the delivery, especially with intense exercising.

One stated, “Be so careful...That’s a lot of over the arms. I learned not to do when [I was] pregnant....I always heard that wrapped the umbilical cord around the baby wrong.”

Another commented, “You don't look full term. Prayers for you and that baby...Maybe your due date is off.”

According to Health and Parenting, bump size actually does not matter, unless your healthcare provider has a related reason to be concerned. The website points out that women carrying their first child, like Lara Trump, usually tend to have smaller baby bumps.

Others chimed in calling her “gorgeous” and “impressive,” and sent their well-wishes for the baby’s arrival. We can’t wait to see photos of Lara and Eric’s baby boy! What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments after watching the video below.

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