Landon Clements Hopes Shep Rose ‘Doesn’t Mess Up’ With New GF

A friend who is there for you. Southern CharmAlum Landon ClementsLove Shep Rose’sNew girlfriend Taylor Ann Green — and hopes he can keep her around!

“I think she’s great. I’ve gotten to spend time with them and I just hope he doesn’t mess it up,” Clements, 40, exclusively told Us WeeklyInterview conducted on Thursday, June 30. “I hope they go the distance. I think she is really, really good for him.” 

Clements, 42, left Bravo in season 4. She has a long history of relationships with Rose. Clements, 42, confessed her love to Rose in a season 3 episode. Although nothing came of their admission of feelings, they remained close throughout the series.

Now, the former TV personality credits the reality show for allowing Rose and the rest of the cast to grow after being forced to see their best — and worst — moments reflected back to them on screen.

“Shep did a lot of self-evaluation and he didn’t like maybe some things he saw on this show,” she revealed toUse on Thursday. “It’s a mirror, it holds up a mirror and you see things. People can say ‘Oh, it’s a bad edit,’ but there’s truth to all of it. Maybe you got too drunk at a party or something, but, um, at the end of the day, I think everything is pretty true to form.”

The Georgia native explained that while she thinks Rose’s “20s turned into his 30s more quickly than he expected,” the businessman has actually always been a “huge family person” who never “wanted to just be some guy hooking up with girls at bars randomly.”

Clements admitted that being a part of a show like Southern Charm probably made “all of us” hold on to their party days for as long as possible — but she’s happy that her friend is moving forward with his life. “It’s nice to see him come back around to the Shep that I always have known and loved,” she told Us. “ Because I do feel he lost his way for a little bit.”

The real estate agent is thankful for all her last friendships from her time with Bravo, claiming that the show only “made our friendships closer and stronger because we’re going through this stuff that honestly. nobody can relate to.” That’s especially true for the people she knew and loved before the reality series debuted, but also for those she met along the way.

Craig [Conover], I didn’t know him before I did the show and I just love and adore him,” she gushed. “I love that he has been true to his hard. You know, this stuff can sometimes make you hard, and he, he didn’t let it make him hard. He’s a pillow king.”

Christina Garibaldi reporting

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