Sports Star Hospitalized After Accident, Checked in to Emergency Room with ‘Bashed Up Face’

August 09, 2018Aug 09, 2018

On Wednesday, August 8th, sports star Lance Armstrong was hospitalized following a horrible bike accident. He was riding the Tom Blake Trail in Aspen, Colorado when he wrecked and “bashed up his face,” according to TMZ.

The former Tour De France champion shared details about the accident on social media admitting he took “quite the blow” to his head. After a visit to the emergency room, it appears that Armstrong did not suffer any serious injuries.

“Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail! The Tom Blake trail (one of my faves) came up and tried to KO my a-- today,” the professional cyclist stated. “Took quite the blow to the noggin’ so swung by the Aspen Valley Hospital (great facility!) to get my head checked. For the 46 years prior to today I completely would have blown off getting checked. Not now."

Armstrong also shared an uplifting aspect to this story. A random man who took a photo (below) of him and his friends a few weeks ago ended up being his doctor at the ER.

“Small world story - a few weeks back I posted a picture of @ghincapie, @mikekloser, and myself. Credit photo to ‘some dude at top of buttermilk’. Well, that ‘dude’ turned out to be @ajaxrider - the ER doc on duty today! Charlie, thanks for looking after me.”

See the post-accident selfie of Armstrong below:

Fans chimed in with their prayers and well wishes. “Hope you heal fast! Take care of yourself,” wrote one Instagram user. “Lance, get well soon. you are the greatest!” added another fan.

Please pray for Armstrong as he recovers from his accident! If more details are released, this article will be updated accordingly. 

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