Laboratory-Grown Meat Coming To A Supermarket Near You

October 26, 2015Oct 26, 2015

Mmmmmm, lab-grown meat. According to BBC, a couple years ago a team of scientists in London developed the world's first laboratory-created burger from cow muscle stem cells that grew into muscles. Tasty.


The cost of this first burger of its kind? About $330,000.

But now researchers are tasked with lowering the cost and improving the flavor to allow lab-grown meat to hit the consumer market by 2020. The purpose? Researchers say it's to meet the world's increasing demand for meat with far less land use and far fewer methane-belching cows. It will also allow people with ethical concerns about eating animal to still be able to eat meat.

But the primary ingredient for lab-grown meat is still...cow.

Would you eat this?