Shocking New Details Emerge in California Middle School Shooting

February 02, 2018Feb 02, 2018
Updated Feb 2 9:10 AM ET

On Thursday morning, a middle school shooting took place in California. The shooting reportedly occurred at Salvador Castro Middle School in Westlake—a city surrounding the Los Angeles area.

According to the LA Times, at least two students were shot in one of the classrooms. One of them (a 15-year-old boy) was in critical condition, but authorities later stated his injuries were not life-threatening; the other student (teen female) is in fair condition. Two other people in the class were injured during the chaos, but they were not shot.

The suspect, who is a 12-year-old student at the school, is in custody. On the day of the incident, a photo showed a young girl being escorted off school grounds by two police officers, but her identity will not be released because she is a minor.

On Friday, shocking reports revealed that the shooting was a complete accident, stated USA Today. She arrived at school with the gun in her backpack, but she did not know it was loaded. She reportedly set her bag down and the gun went off.

It is unclear how or why the 12-year-old had the weapon in the first place. Classmates told the media that after the gun went off, the girl kept crying and yelling, "I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it."

She was charged with negligent discharge of a firearm on school grounds. If more details are released, this article will be updated as soon as possible.

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