L.A. Announces Drastic Changes to 2024 Olympics

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017

It was decided on Monday that Los Angeles will not be the host of the 2024 summer Olympics. Fans across the country were looking forward to hosting the summer games on U.S. soil, something that has not occurred since 1996. 

The International Olympic Committee announced the two bids for the 2024 games earlier this year. The options were either Los Angeles, California, or Paris, France. 

Both cities were viable options, though it would have made sense to favor L.A. for the 2024 games in light of recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The I.O.C. decided in June that both cities would be given a host spot in the summer Olympics, however, one in 2024 and the other in 2028.

A source confirmed to the L.A. Times on Monday that the city officials decided to accept the bid for the 2028 Olympics, thus making Paris the only option for 2024. The I.O.C. was hoping that L.A. would agree to accept the later date, as Paris officials made it evident that they did not want to be second.

The I.O.C. members committed to seeking a three-way consensus between themselves and the two bid cities. City mayors Eric Garrett of L.A. and Anne Hidalgo of Paris met in Switzerland to reach a decision.


Details have not yet been released about the negotiation or what kind of deals L.A. was able to receive by pushing their host date back. The International Olympic Committee is expected to make an official statement later today.

Although it is a longer wait than anticipated, U.S. sports fans will be pleased to have the 2028 Olympics in the states. This will be the third time that the games have been held in Southern California, once in 1932 and another in 1984. 

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