Kylie Jenner in Hot Water After Photo Shows Her Parked in Accessible Spot

July 23, 2019Jul 23, 2019

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott are in hot water after her most recent Instagram post. In the photo, Jenner and Scott appear to be in an underground parking garage with their car parked in a spot designated for disability accessible parking.

After the photo was posted, followers on social media didn't hold back what they thought of her parking in the spot.

"You’re a disgrace parking in a handicap spot. Someone who really have a disability probably had to park a few spots away and struggled in pain to get to their destination because of you," one user commented on the photo.

"@kyliejenner my mum is disabled! YOU STOPPING TO TAKE A PHOTO is stopping someone from BEING ABLE TO DO THINGS OT EVEN GET OUT THE CAR ALL BECAUSE UR SELFISH picture posing sesh has to always come first!! 🤬🤬🤬" another commenter said.

"As the mother of a child who needs an accessible parking spot I am disgusted by this post. Be better than this," the comments continued.

Kylie's Instagram followers were not the only ones upset by the photo she posted. The president for the disability inclusion group The Ruderman Family Foundation spoke out against what appears to be happening in the photo.

“Accessible parking is meant for people with disabilities who need it,” Jay Ruderman, the foundation’s president, said. “As a role model to many, this is an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to use her celebrity status to help society understand why accessible parking is a basic right for people with disabilities to be included in daily life.”

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