Kylie Jenner Makes Rare Social Media Post Of Her Baby Shower

Kylie Jenner hasn’t been posting much after the Astroworld disaster, but she took to Instagram this week to highlight her baby shower, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. From a sweet photo with some of her dear friend’s hands on her belly to shots of her with the fellow queens in her family, these baby shower photos show off the true level of luxury the Kardashians have reached.

Family Time

The 9 photos show all aspects of the baby-shower, from setting up individual tables (with white roses for each guest) to giving out lovely, overstuffed gift bags. It’s a celebration of love, life, and the family that knows a bit about living in the spotlight. See the photos for yourself here. Jenner looked beautiful in a white, form-fitting dress that accentuated and supported her curves. You can also see Kylie, Kris, or Mary Jo Campbell in a beautiful photo, showcasing the three generations of strong, independent women this family has raised.

It has been a tough time for Jenner with the fallout from Travis Scott after the Astroworld incident, it’s clear she is still very much surrounded by the love and positivity she needs right now.

Baby on Board

Despite her current setbacks Kylie Jenner is clearly a woman excited to welcome a new addition to her family. The newborn is due in February and there will be no waiting for the pop culture icon. The baby shower photos show that her child will be surrounded with love, light and positivity.

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