Check Your Fridge: Major Brand Recalls Shrimp for Dangerous Reason

December 28, 2018Dec 28, 2018

If you have purchased shrimp lately, you might want to check to make sure it hasn't been recalled.

Major nationwide brand Kroger is recalling their shrimp. They discovered the shrimp that is labeled as pre-cooked may actually be raw.

Currently, they are saying the only shrimp recalled was purchased at Kroger stores. However, Kroger is also sold in several other stores such as Fred Meyer, QFC, City Markets, and many others nationwide.

According to the company, the shrimp may be undercooked. This presents a major health hazard to anyone who eats the food.

Kroger said the affected stores are located in Central Ohio, Northwest Ohio, Northwestern Virginia, and Michigan. If you purchased any of the products below, return them for a full refund.

Sand Bar Peeled / Cooked Shrimp 26/30 CPTO UPC 11110-64115
Shrimp Cooked, Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case UPC 69439-XXXXX
Shrimp Grab & Go Service Case UPC 69447-XXXXX
Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case UPC 69472-XXXXX
Shrimp Cooked Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case UPC 89439-XXXXX
Shrimp 26/30 Cooked Service Case UPC 89461-XXXXX
Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case UPC 98107-XXXXX
Shrimp Cocktail 26/30 UPC 99479-5XXXX
Peeled Cooked Shrimp 26/30 UPC 40401-370681

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