Kristin Cavallari Reveals She Got a Breast Lift After 3 Kids 

Let’s get real! Kristin Cavallari opened up about looking amazing in her 30s – admitting she got a slight surgical boost after having three children.

During an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, August 23, a fan asked Cavallari, 35, if her “boobs were real.” The Laguna Beach alum, in response, didn’t hold back on the honesty. 

“Gonna keep it real with y’all. Got a lift after breastfeeding all 3 kids,” she wrote via her Instagram Story alongside a pic of herself at the beach in a white bikini.

The Uncommon James founder, who shares kids Camden, 9, Jaxon, 7, and Taylor, 5, with ex Jay Cutler, also got candid about her experience — or lack thereof — with Botox and fillers.

“It’s not for me. But I’ve seen it look amazing on some people,” she captioned a selfie. “My concern is that we don’t know the long-term effects of it (and I don’t mean 5-10 years, I mean like 20 years) and I think your face is muscle, so we need to work it out the same way we would any other muscle. Also, I’m super animated so I need my face to move and honestly, my lines don’t bother me.”

When it came to the topic of lasers and other expensive peels, the reality star admitted she’s undergone a few treatments but doesn’t believe they’re actually worth it. 

Kristin Cavallari Gets ‘Real’ About Why She Got a Breast Lift After Having Her 3 Kids
Courtesy Kristin Cavalari/Instagram

“I’ve done all that s–t and have truly never seen any results. I’ve wasted a lot of money,” she said before adding, “Mirco needling is the one thing I maybe saw a little difference. It’s about taking care of yourself from the inside out.” 

Cavallari recently expressed her confidence in her skin and surprised fans by posting a provocative bikini pic via Instagram last week.

“I’ve been sitting on this picture for a few days going back and forth on if I should post it or not. I finally decided to bc [sic] I’ve come a long way from a few years ago and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made,” she captioned an Instagram snap in June of her wearing a black bikini while looking at the ocean.

That same month, the TV personality revealed during an episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast that she had concerns before clicking post.

“I did sit on that photo for a few days. Because I knew if I just threw it up and was like, ‘Bun’s out,’ people were gonna be like, ‘You’re a mother! What the hell is wrong with you!’” she explained. 

However, the Colorado native ultimately decided she didn’t care what trolls had to say.  “F–k it, I’m gonna post it,’” she recalled saying. “I think just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of my body or have to hide it.”

Cavallari also noted that while she doesn’t care what other people have to say, it’s more about being happy with her own personal progress. 

“It makes me proud. I feel the best I have ever felt, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. They all fuel one other. And so, yeah, I think it’s something to celebrate,” she said at the time. 

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